What Members Get

Members receive the benefit of advice and representation regarding any work-related concern.

Agency Fee Payers are entitled to representation on contractual issues only. They are not entitled to Association assistance on problems that do not arise from violations of the Negotiated Agreement.

Here are some of the areas in which the Association has assisted MEMBERS, but does NOT assist agency fee payers.

  • Transfers (non-procedural, merits)
  • Evaluations (non-procedural, merits)
  • Class Size
  • Parent Complaints
  • Conflict with Other Staff
  • Child Abuse (what to do if accused, procedures)
  • Suspension and Dismissal
  • Certification and 2nd Class Certificates
  • Lawsuits (including negligence, failure to educate)
  • Special Education Concerns
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Conditions