Affordable Housing in Howard County

Many Howard County educators struggle to find an affordable place to live here. Below are resources our county government provides to help you. Call the Department of Housing and Community Development at (410) 313-6318 for more information.


For Homebuyers

Moderate Income Housing Unit (MIHU) Program

What:  Newly constructed homes for sale at below market prices

Who:   Prospective homebuyers with household incomes up to 80% of the Howard County median

How: Apply to DHCD during any of the four open enrollment periods (January, April, July, or October).  Call 410-313-6343 or click here.


Settlement Down Payment Loan Program (SDLP)

What:  Deferred loans of up to $40,000 for down payment and/or settlement expenses of a home purchase – five different loan products offered

Who:  First-time homebuyers with household incomes up to 110% of the Howard County median

How:  Apply to a participating SDLP lender.  For more information, contact Linda Phillips, SDLP Administrator at or click here.


For Renters

Moderate Income Housing Unit (MIHU) Program

What: High quality, yet affordable housing MIHU rental units available in Howard County

Who: Any person or family can apply provided their household income does not exceed program guidelines

How: Applicants interested in MIHU rentals may apply directly to a participating rental community at anytime during the year.  MIHUs are rented on a first-come, first-served basis.   Call 410-313-6343 or click here  for more details or a list of participating rental communities.


Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)

What: This is a 5-year HUD funded program designed to help voucher recipients to establish and meet goals, which could be centered around employment or education goals.  If and/or when a residents income increases, there is a corresponding increase in rent, where the increase is then placed in escrow.  At end of 5 year period and if goals are met, residents receive the money in escrow.

Who: Residents must be voucher recipients

How:  Contact Wanda Phillips at 410-313-6367 or


Rental Allowance Program (RAP)

What:  Twelve month program  for rental assistance and support services, targeting homeless and chronically homeless individuals with disabilities.  There is a wait list that opens once a year.  Must show how you’re going to meet rent after 12-month period.

Who: Homeless and chronically homeless individuals with disabilities

How:  Contact Nicole Harris at 410-313-6369 or email  In July 2015, this project may be transferred to the Community Action Council for administration.


Housing Stability Subsidy Program (HSSP)

What: Housing subsidy through continuum of Care

Who: Residents with disabilities that have exhausted all the services of local homeless prevention, housing stability, rapid re-housing and/or shelter programs available in Howard County and continue to be unable to secure affordable, stable housing due to extreme and often multiple barriers to conventional, permanent housing

How: Contact Keisha Benjamin at 410-888-8892

You can also find a list of affordable communities as well as other helpful tips on our Howard County Housing website.