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Howard County Education Association

BJ’s Quarterly Help-A-Child Fundraiser for Renewing or Applying



2018/2019 – (Sept 3-21)(Dec 3–14)(Mar 1-15)(June 3-14)

Are you a BJ’s member?  Renew through our organization and you will get a DISCOUNT – $15 off the $55 annual membership fee or $30 off the $110 Rewards membership fee, PLUS 13 months =

1 month FREE!  NEW members pay a $25 Basic IC membership fee or $50 Rewards fee for 12 months.

See the instructions for the discount details.

(This is a special FR program and it is not available at the store or online.  Offer subject to change)


Click here for instructions or contact HCEA at 410-997-3440.