Find Your List of Pro-Public Education Candidates

Find Your List of Pro-Public Education Candidates at

Get the full slate of your district’s education-friendly candidates

AppleBallot_LocalWebsiteBannerWe’ve done our homework for the upcoming election and made it easier than ever for HCEA members to take advantage of the candidate research and interviews that make up our rigorous recommendation process.  

All you need to do to find the educator-recommended candidate for every position on the ballot in your district is visit, enter your home address, then print the list (or email it to yourself), and head to your polling place. Don’t forget to share with your contacts through email or social media, and volunteer to help pro-public education candidates. You’ll also find links to most candidates’ campaign websites on, where you can learn more about them.

 “Who better to make pro-public education recommendations than MSEA and HCEA? Our Government Relations Committee are experts on the school funding, teaching and learning, and education policy issues that affect our students, our schools, and our careers.”

“We’ve followed our strict recommendation process that includes questionnaires, research, and face-to-face interviews with candidates seeking our recommendation. You can be sure the candidates on our list have been chosen through a fair, member-led process. They represent the very best leaders for public education. Now, it’s up to us to make our vote count.”

You can learn more about our recommendation processes at; you’ll find a link right on the homepage. Questions? Contact HCEA at or call 410-997-3440.