HCEA 2016-2017 Elections

Nominations are now open for the following seats in HCEA:

  •  President (1)

  •  Vice President (1)

  • Treasurer (1)

  •  Secretary (1)

  • HCEA Board of Director Two Year Term :Four (4) Seats

  • HCEA Board of Director One Year Term :One (1) Seat

  • HCEA Delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly


Bio Sketches and Names were printed exactly as they were submitted.


Bio sketches for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary are limited to 100 words. Bio sketches for Board of Director are limited to 50 words and sketches for NEA Delegate is limited 25 words.

Some sketches have been cut to fit Rep Approved Guidelines.



HCEA President: Vote for One (1)


Colleen Morris

 Colleen Morris As HCEA president, I will work to strengthen our organization by empowering members and working collaboratively with HCPSS leadership. My goal is to implement a plan that enables our members to be more actively involved in their schools.  I want to create leadership opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. I have led the negotiation of HCEA contracts for the past 22 years and have a reputation as a problem solver for our educators. I maintain strong relationships across all levels of HCPSS and have influenced many policies and practices.  With your support, we will continue the successes HCEA deserves. 

View Colleen’s flier


Anna Gannon

 Anna Gannon Together, we have made great strides to improve our association. As president, I want to strengthen our committee structures in order to develop a diversified group of association leaders, focus on rebuilding the trust of educators in our community and address continued concerns with fair and equitable working conditions. Just as you supported me as your Vice President and as a MSEA Board Member, I ask for your vote again.  I pledge my continued commitment as we work collaboratively to make our schools the best. Vote Anna Gannon for President of HCEA.

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 HCEA Vice President: Vote for One (1)


Matthew Vaughn-Smith

 Matthew Vaughn-Smith Activist. Colleague. Educator. I serve as Secretary of HCEA, taking minutes of each Rep Council and Board meeting. I have served as a Government Relations Committee chair for the last 3 election cycles, helping to secure victories for our endorsed candidates for school board and other local races. As vice president, I intend to collaborate with our new school board to implement school system wide initiatives, and work to enhance our membership and professional learning committees, by implementing mentorship and networking opportunities for new educators, and advocating for an intentional program to recruit and retain educators of color.

View Matthew’s flier


Doug Lea

 Doug Lea I have been an active member and leader of HCEA for many years.  I am experienced with all aspects of our organization and am comfortable with policy, budgeting, negotiations, public statements, politics, etc.

I am prepared to represent you during this uncertain time. The outlook is hopeful on our local level, but it’s definitely precarious on the state and national levels.

I bring my integrity, passion and experience to our Association.  I’m eager to continue working on your behalf and am interested in bringing your priorities to our organization. Together we can build a better school system.  Let’s do this!

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HCEA Treasurer: Vote for One (1)


Teri Dennison

Continuing the HCEA journey of a strong association for all members with integrity and transparency.



HCEA Secretary: Vote for One (1)


Sarai Gray

 Sarai Gray I am a media specialist at LWES. I’ve been actively involved in HCEA for the past 7 years, serving as a HCEA building rep for the past 4 years, 3 of those years as the rep for 2 buildings simultaneously. Both of my buildings became more informed and involved in HCEA. I consistently attend and participate at Rep council. I also served as an HCEA delegate to MSEA RA past 3 years. Being Secretary will allow me to impact HCEA as we continue to work on key issues. I hope you can support me.


Linda Firman

 Linda Firman As an active member of HCEA, MSEA and NEA, I am invested in leadership and giving access to our students and community to provide great public education for all.



HCEA Board of Director: Vote for Four (4)

Bio sketches for Board of Director are limited to 50 words.

Some sketches have been cut to fit Rep Approved Guidelines.


Justin Herbert

 Justin Herbert I am second year educator with a lot of motivation and determination. I am determined to see a change in the positive direction in our schools for students, families, and educators. I believe that through education all things are possible. As a Stevenson University graduate I bring fresh ideas and


Joshua McGoun

 Josh McGoun HCPSS has not been looking out for our students, educators, and community the last few years. Reckless financial management and cronyism have displaced the focus from the children of Howard County. I will work to create effective solutions for HCEA Educators as we begin to work with a new BOE.


Karen Filippelli

 Karen Filippelli As a Board of Director for the past three years, I have continuously worked to move our association forward and strengthen our membership with the guidance of my strong leadership skills. My goals are to advocate for our association and that every member’s voice, certificated and ESP be heard.


Benjamin Schmitt

 Ben Schmitt I’d like to bring my experiences as an elementary art teacher of 18 years, activist/building representative/organizing committee member in HCEA, and NEH Summer Scholar to the HCEA Board of Directors.


Brian Donoughe

 Brian Donoughe I grew up in Howard County. I’m a proud graduate of HCPSS.  I’ve chosen to teach here because it has so much to offer area children.  HCEA fights for the best working conditions and salaries.  I pursue a role in HCEA as a hard working Board of Directors member.


Wanda Oliver

 Wanda Muir I would to continue to serve on the BOD to learn discuss and vote on issues that are important to the Association body and other agencies.


Danielle King

 Danielle King I’m in my 15th year teaching Middle School Physical Education.  I was very involved with HCEA for many years (Board of Directors, Secretary, committees, attended numerous leadership conferences) and decided to take a break.  I continued to attend Rep Council as our building rep, as well as attended MSEA and


HCEA Delegate to NEA Convention in Boston, MA:

Vote for as many as Fifteen (15)

Bio sketches for HCEA Delegate to the NEA Convention is limited 25 words.

Some sketches have been cut to fit Rep Approved Guidelines.


Tiana Seldon

I would like to a MSEA delegate again. I would like to continue serving our students and educators by teaching academic skills and practicing restorative

Jonene Ford

I am a passionate and committed educator and association representative.  I am looking forward to serving my local and state associations as a representative at

Cheryl Coleman

My goal is to serve the members of our association better and to be your voice at the NEA Convention.

Maleeta Kitchen

Maleeta Kitchen







Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert







Georgianne McNeirney

I will listen, think about and vote for positive outcomes for students and educators. I believe that experience and  continuity bring results for all.

Zenoba Stephens

Susan Peck

Susan Peck







Karen Randall

As a member of the Board of Directors of HCEA I would like to bring some diversity and leadership qualities to the organization.

Benjamin Schmitt          

As art teacher of 18 years, activist in HCEA, and NEH Summer Scholar, I would welcome the opportunity to represent MD again at the NEA

Stephanie Masters

I want to be an NEA delegate to help influence important educational policy, which affects my fellow educators, students and myself on a daily basis.

Hugo Jackson

Please vote me as a delegate to help you be informed of state and national issues affecting educators!

Paul Lemle

If elected, I will continue to organize educators to build power in schools, in the community, and in  local politics.

Shante Young

I’ve been a member of hcea for my entire fourteen year career, I’m a proud member of the GR Committee who helped propel our BOE

Kelli Midgley

Gwen Taylor

Irene WIlliams

I will bring the same dedication and vigor that I use in my classroom to the position of NEA State Delegate.

Brian Donoughe

Brian DonougheI have served as a Union leader for many years.  I want to continue as your hard working Delegate at the National Convention.





William Hugo Van Jackson IV

As a new employee I want to learn more about how the NEA works for educators.

Lauri Hornicek

Lauri HornicekWith our country’s citizens either bewildered and/or jubilant, our students and colleagues need a voice that speaks up and listens to concerns. That’s ME.





Wanda Oliver

Wanda MuirI would like to attend the NEA Convention as a delegate to learn more about the educational issues and share the information with other educators.





Danielle King

Danielle KingI would like to use my leadership skills to be a voice for all educators at this year’s NEA Convention.





Arlene Wilder

Maxine Salah

I’ve served as convention delegate for many years and I’m still here to serve and be your voice.

Colleen Morris

Colleen Morris







Teri Dennison

Linda Firman

Linda FirmanThe need for access is important in our ability to  offer educational services to our students and educators. We must acquire and maintain great public





Tracey Ellerby

Sarai Gray

I have been an MSEA delegate and would be honored to represent HCEA at the NEA. I hope you can support me.

Kathleen MacLaughlin

Kathleen MacLaughlinI grew up in Maryland and have lived in Columbia with my husband since 2006. We have three children, our youngest was born in August.





Jessica Nichols

Since 2014, I have served the interests and needs of our members.  I am asking for the opportunity to serve you on the national level.

Jennifer Bezy

Erika Strauss Chavarria

Erika Strauss ChavarriaI am a dedicated member of the HCEA, MSEA, and NEA. I would be honored to represent my fellow educators at the 2017 NEA RA.









Tuesday, November 1, 2016         Nominations open at Rep Council


Friday, December 17, 2016            Nominations close at 4:00pm


Monday, January 10, 2017           Candidates remarks at Rep Council  (Candidates’ option)


Monday, January 30, 2017            Election Voting Opens Online through in conjunction with MSEA


Friday, February 24, 2017               Last day for Voting


Tuesday, February 28, 2017             Notification of Election Results


Tuesday, March 7, 2017             Run-off Election Open online (if necessary)


Friday, March 24, 2017                             Run-off Election Closes at 4:00pm


Tuesday, March 28, 2017                  Notification of Election Results


Tuesday, April 18, 2017                    Election results announced at Rep Council meeting.




  1. Election procedures will conform to applicable HCEA/MSEA/NEA bylaws and regulations.


  1. All regular HCEA members may vote in HCEA elections.


  1. Campaign activities may not interfere with the efficient operation of the HCEA Association Office.


  1. No HCEA staff member or UniServ representative will actively support any candidate or work on behalf of any candidate. This includes distributing, transporting, or preparing materials for distribution though the HCPSS Pony.


  1. Dues monies, in any amount, may not be used to support the candidacy of any individual running for office.


  1. A member of the Board of Directors for HCEA who endorses a candidate(s) does so as an individual Association member rather than as a member of HCEA Board of Director and shall not speak for HCEA Board.


  1. HCEA members or candidates for HCEA Positions are prohibited from sending unsolicited bulk emails of campaign materials or campaign related communications using HCPSS email accounts, including distribution to created HCPSS address lists through the utilization of publicly available information.
  1. Nominations for all offices shall be made on the official HCEA Election Nomination Form link and sent to the Elections Committee through the link provided. The Nomination Form must:

State the candidate’s willingness to abide by the HCEA/MSEA/NEA bylaws, and policy, and adhere to the Code of Ethics.

  1. Nominations shall close on the day and time prescribed in the approved calendar as set by the Representative Assembly and Elections America.
  1. Candidates may provide biographical sketches along with the Nomination Form. These will be sent out with the ballots and may contain:

Present work assignment

Professional background

Contributions to HCEA/MSEA/NEA within the past three years

Reason for running




  1. In addition to the Bio sketch, each candidate may submit a digital photograph (depicting only the candidate) with his or her biographical information. The HCEA website will contain the biographical sketch and photo, if provided by the candidate.



  1. Candidates’ names are placed on the ballot in random order by Elections America. Each ballot will be displayed in random order to voters.



  1. Any member of the Elections Committee whose name appears on the ballot shall temporarily be restricted from committee activities related to the election.



  1. Any person whose name appears on the ballot may not conduct balloting.



  1. For the purpose of distributing election materials to all HCEA members, candidates who submit a completed nomination form may request from the HCEA office a list of all HCEA Building Representatives. All candidates will have access to the same.



  1. Candidates may provide HCEA with one page (single sided 8 ½” x 11”) of campaign material in PDF format, for electronic distribution on the HCEA webpage and elsewhere, at the discretion of the Elections Committee.



  1. No member may vote more than once (1).



  1. Voting in the schools will be completed according to the attached 2016/17 HCEA Election Calendar.



  1. Any dispute concerning election procedure or appeal of election results will be referred to the Elections Committee. Appeals must be filed within ten (10) calendar days after the official results are announced. If a member is not satisfied with the results of the Elections Committee’s decision, an appeal must be filed with the Ethics Review Board within ten (10) calendar days.



  1. The Election Committee and/or Board of Directors will make every reasonable effort to procure at least one candidate for each position.



  1. Candidates for Officer or Director may have two (2) minutes to address the Representative Council at the meeting after the close of nominations. Candidates will be notified of that date as soon as possible. (Remarks should address the reason for running for office and such remarks will not attack other candidates)



  1. Candidates are precluded from using the HCEA/MSEA/NEA logo on any material related to his/her campaign.



  1. Election results will be announced within five (5) school days after receipt of ballots. Every reasonable effort will be made to notify candidates via email or telephone as soon as the Elections Committee has verified the election results.



  1. A majority of votes cast is required to elect an officer to the Board of Directors. In all other races, only a plurality of votes cast is necessary.



  1. If no candidate for an officers’ position receives a majority of votes cast, a runoff election between the two (2) top candidates will be held.



  1. Violation of any rules, willfully or inadvertently, will be reviewed by HCEA Ethics Review Board and may result in penalties up to and including disqualification in the Election Term.



  1. Additional election forums may be set up through the Elections Committee, at its sole discretion.



  1. All candidates running for HCEA Officer positions may distribute campaign materials at the December, January and February Rep Council Meetings.



  1. The Election Committee will reveal to the HCEA Membership candidates for a position of HCEA office after receipt of a properly completed nomination form and after verification of eligibility to run for the position.



Approved Rep Council – October 2015





The Board of Directors shall consist of the four elected officers and the elected Directors.


All Directors will be elected at-large by the membership of the Association.


There shall be a total of nine (9) Directors, including two (2) Paraprofessionals.


Directors will be elected to serve a two (2) year term.  Directors will serve for no more than three (3) consecutive two-year terms.


Four (4) Directors will be elected in odd numbered years (at the same time as the HCEA officers), including one (1) Paraprofessional member.  Five (5) Directors will be elected in even number years, including at least one (1) Paraprofessional member.