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Howard County Education Association

HCEA Recommendations for 2018 Election

The Howard County Education Association (HCEA), which represents over 6,000 educators, is pleased to announce recommendations for the 2018 election.

“These candidates each bring different experiences to the race. They share our passion for making Howard County schools the best that they can be, and given their vast experience they are ready from day one once elected to represent and be accountable to the community,” said Colleen Morris, HCEA President.

“Educators and students within Howard County Public Schools are facing larger class sizes, fewer electives and reduced resources due to financial decisions made by the former administration. The candidates we endorsed are committed to ensuring county resources are available and targeted to the classroom,” said Morris.

“There are so many candidates running in 2018 and the majority of those who filed chose to complete the HCEA questionnaire and interview with the interview team. If fact, the HCEA interview team interviewed 52 candidates over 11 nights,” said Rebecca Otte, an elementary teacher and Chair of the Government Relations Committee.

“HCEA members want to know, who is the candidate who best understands what is happening in our schools today? Which candidate is ready to work with parents and educators to solve the challenges we face? Finally, we ask who can win the race? I believe we answered those questions,” said Otte.

Vicky Cutroneo, Bob Glascock, Jen Mallo and Robert Miller will hit the ground running if elected to the Board of Education. All four of our candidates, Vicky, Bob, Jen and Robert are focused on bringing transparency and accountability moving forward.

Vicky was the President of the Howard County PTA.  She has been instrumental holding our school system and legislators accountable for providing funding, safety, and transparency for our staff and students.

Bob has worked for HCPSS and MSDE for 38 years.  In HCPSS he was a classroom teacher and worked within Central Office to provide educators resources they needed to enhance their programs and differentiate to meet student’s diverse needs.  

Jen Mallo is a mother and parent activist with over 20 years of experience working with HCPSS. Jen Mallo brings a wealth of experience to this race, from being the PTA President at Swansfield Elementary to the Community Advisory Council Chair, she’s seen our school system at work from a lot of different angles.

Rober Miller brings a wealth of experience as a recently retired educator and is someone deeply engaged in our community and schools. He is focused on bringing educators and the communities we serve into the decisions that affect students.

For County Executive, HCEA is endorsing Calvin Ball

As an educator himself and with children currently in Howard County Public Schools, Calvin Ball has strong relationships with members of the parent and educator community. He understands as County Executive his budget must invest in and prioritize public schools and educators. He has pledged to address overcrowding in our schools and attract businesses and families who value Howard Counties Public Schools.  He is also invested in creating restorative communities that are inclusive and reflect the voices and cultural perspectives of Howard County.

For County Council District One, HCEA is endorsing Liz Walsh.

Liz Walsh is an attorney, running to represent County Council District 1. “Liz is committed to lowering class size, and to building the facilities our growing student population need. She is the only candidate in District 1 committed to fully funding our needs and working with educators.

For County Council District Two, HCEA is endorsing Opel Jones

Opel Jones is also an educator and he has two children in Howard County Public Schools. He is active in a mentoring and tutoring program in his community and he will prioritize investing in our public schools.

For County Council District Three, HCEA is endorsing Christiana Rigby

Christiana Rigby is a mom, community volunteer and current Vice Chair of the Kings Contrivance Village Board. She rightly believes schools are the number one reason people choose to live in Howard County. Christiana is committed to transparent and accountable leadership and has pledged to fight for fully funded budgets and initiatives for educators and students.

For County Council District Four, HCEA is endorsing Deb Jung

Deb Jung is an attorney who has been active in the community for over 30 years. She has pledged to invest in our public schools so our children thrive and succeed. She will prioritize school system accountability and make sure funding is directed appropriately to impact the classroom in the best way.

For County Council District Five, HCEA is endorsing China Williams

China Williams is a mother, writer, and PTA leader whose children attend Triadelphia Ridge Elementary. China has a unique perspective as a candidate—she was PTA president in two different school systems, and her children are students today.

For a full list of recommended candidates visit mdappleballot.com