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Tentative HCPSS Agreements and Salary Scales for Certified and ESP Employees

Click here to view a Powerpoint presentation of the Tentative Agreement that includes narration.


Click here to view a video explaining locating you salary step, grade, and current compensation.


Click here to view a video that contains examples of how members can apply the salary improvements of the tentative agreement to determine their salary increases for the next two years.

HCEA ESP and Certificated Tentative Agreement Power Point


Salary Scales:

10 Month Certified

11 Month Certified

Other Certified Staff


Central Office 10 Month

Central Office 12 Month

Paras, Secretaries, and Assistants June 30, 2019

Paras, Secretaries, and Assistants 19-20 scale

Paras, Secretaries, and Assistants 20-21 scale


Food Service