Take Action March 7-11

Take Action March 7–11
You said students need more time to learn. Now you can fight for it when it matters most—as legislators in the General Assembly debate five bills all designed to reduce testing and boost the instructional time all educators need and want.

Members are already rallying around these bills at MSEA and local lobby nights in Annapolis, but legislators need to hear from more of us to understand how critical this issue is to us and our students. The bills address the issues we’re concerned about—the time spent on testing, the disruptive Kindergarten Readiness Assessment, annual school district reporting on testing to parents and the public, looking at innovative alternatives to PARCC, and making sure the state can’t mandate the inclusion of PARCC in teacher and principal evaluations. Read more about the bills at lesstestingmorelearning.com.


How you can help: Take action March 7–11 during MSEA’s Are You Seeing Red? Week of Action.This five-day action plan will put the issue of student testing and educators’ opinions on the radar of every legislator. You can join Facebook and Twitter rallies, email your legislators, attend tele-town halls to strategize on the next steps, and wear red on Tuesday to be sure everyone sees red about over testing. Take a look at the agenda below.


MSEA is pushing bills that have been identified as solutions to over testing, but we can’t do it alone from Annapolis. We need you. Every voice matters—and the Week of Action can make a big difference.


Want to spread the word? Check out our week of action flyer by clicking here