HCEA Committees

Article 12 and 13

The Article 12 and 13 Committee reviews requests to use Article 12 and 13 money to attend meetings and conferences.


The Bylaws Committee shall

  1. study all proposed amendments and make recommendations to the Board of Directors and to the Representative Council;
  2. organize and maintain the list of policies adopted by the Representative Council; and
  3. have the right to initiate changes in the Bylaws, Resolutions, and Rules of HCEA.

Contract Committee

The Contract Committee shall review members’ recommendations or make its own recommendations for changes in the Master Agreement to the Board of Directors.

Minority Affairs Committee

The Minority Affairs Committee unites individuals, organizations and communities concerned about the lack of racial, cultural, and linguistic diversity in the teaching force.

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee plans and verifies the elections of HCEA.

ESP Advisory Committee

The ESP Advisory Committee identifies concerns of the ESP community.

Government Relations Committee

Government Relations Committee shall meet as needed to interview candidates, make recommendations of candidates, attend political receptions and coordinate activities with the PAC and Legislative Committees.

Membership Committee

Membership Committee shall work with MSEA and NEA to plan and review membership drives.

Professional Standards and Practice Committee

Works on improving professional development and mentoring for teachers and ESP.

ESP Sick Leave Bank Committee

ESP Sick Leave Bank Committee shall review and recommend approval or denial of sick bank requests for HCEA ESP members.

Teacher Sick Leave Bank Committee

Teacher Sick Leave Bank Committee shall be composed of  members who will review and recommend approval or denial of sick bank requests for HCEA teacher members.