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What Is HCEA?

HCEA ( Howard County Education Association) is your union, your professional association. We are more than 5,000 certificated employees and paraprofessionals. We work to increase your salaries and benefits and provide professional development to help you get your job done successfully. We are your advocate in collective bargaining and dispute resolution.

If you would like a membership information packet sent to you, contact HCEA at 410-997-3440.

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Early Enrollment Membership Incentive:

As a participant in the HCEA/MSEA/NEA Early Enrollment Membership Incentive Plan, non members are eligible to join and receive (but in no event before April 1, 2021) benefits under the NEA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Program, as well as access to select NEA Member Benefits programs and not pay dues until September 1, 2021. To join through early enrollment CLICK HERE and under ‘Membership Type’ select Early Enrollment.

Past as well as first time members can enroll using Join Now to sign up for Early Enrollment.

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